Why You Should Move to Park Towers

Tristan Rhodes
March 9, 2017

If you are considering a move to a luxury location where you can be pampered as well as enjoy life’s comfort, then Park Towers, Las Vegas is the location for you. If you need to be convinced of why Park Towers should be the place to move to, then consider the following reasons:


The advantageous location of the Park Towers condominiums at 1 Hughes Center which is behind the Las Vegas Strip grants residence with close proximity to various buildings and activities. If you love the casinos, then you can take a walk or drive your car for a few short minutes to get to the Strip, if you want to indulge your food cravings, then you can walk to the Row on East Flamingo or visit the other reputable restaurants on the Strip, if you need a pick me up to get yourself ready for the day, then you have Starbucks and Lawry’s close at hand. Las Vegas fine homes often have a trade off with location, at Park Towers you’ll be at the center of it all without compromising on a private and luxurious lifestyle.


You can never be too safe anywhere you are but what Park Towers strives to create for its residence is a secure location where they are free from worries about their personal well-being. Park Towers is located behind a gated community and has two towers which are patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you do not have to worry about unwanted visitors showing up unannounced at your doorstep as they have to be verified by you, you do not have to worry about leaving your door unlocked and having burglars breaking into your flat.

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When luxury is guaranteed in an environment, then it is only rational to expect that the amenities showcase that. The community of Park Towers makes available a 7500 square foot fitness center for the residents to make use of. Everything from gym equipment to spa amenities can be found here.

The fitness center serves has hosted to saunas, a pool surrounded by cabanas and steam rooms. When looking to enjoy a movie, the media room is also available with high definition projectors and comfortable furnishings. For wine connoisseurs, there are various selections of wines from around the world located in the wine cellars that owners can have access to.


The utilities that are bound to make it fun to live in this location are BBQ Area, Carwash Area, Tennis, Business Center, Clubhouse, Concierge, Guest Parking, Social Calendar and Storage room.


Not a lot of properties in Las Vegas provide residences with the opportunity to enjoy a lot of spaces at an affordable price. Park Towers has its 4 bedroom residences covering over 4903 square foot of living space at a price of $672 per square foot which is within the standard average price per square foot for properties within its location.


If you happen to be considering locations that are suitable for young children, Park Towers has close proximity to Orr William E.High.

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