Beautiful Areas To Buy a Vacation Home if You Enjoy the Outdoors

The U.S. comprises of a lot of states that boast of the perfect environment to partake in outdoor activities. From swimming, water gliding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, to riding bicycle trails, this list could easily have over a thousand places. If the view is something you are after, then the canyons, coastline, rivers and slopes with its mix of quaint towns could also do.

To put together a top list, a few criterium were used:

  • The location must actually be a town and not a generic destination spot that is, if you choose, this could be a permanent resident.
  • Access to this location should be easy even without skills in climbing or surfing.
  • The culture and economy of the location are thriving and they make themselves a constant in the lives of the people.
  • Outdoor activities that make make it an attraction must be part of everyday life that is, things like hiking and kayaking are skills needed to get around.

With the above, the following can be considered to be amongst the best places for vacation homes if you love the outdoors:

Kingsland, Georgia

Going by the criteria above, what makes Kingsland a good vacation home spot goes beyond what it offers as a coastal town. What makes it part if the ideal action home locations is due to the fact that it is located a bit North of the Florida state line, in Georgia with half an hour separating it from Jacksonville and additional one hour separating it from Savannah. So for the price, you get access to two beautiful cities. The historic city of Kingsland also offers many cultural activities for the family.

The sandy beaches ensure that you have loads of time to enjoy the outdoors by taking up activities such as kayaking, fishing and sailing. It’s proximity to the Jacksonville airport, Kingsland plays host to shopping and entertainment centers for those also seeking other leisure activities. The price of a home there averages $135,000 so this is an area that should be snapped up if given the chance.


Lake Tahoe, California

Like most areas in California, the ongoing drought has not made it possible for the lake to flourish. With the lake level going down a bit and the sun showing no signs of reducing its glare, sea life has reduced by a significant amount. The area with its forestry and wildlife is also at high risk thanks to wild fires but we all the, the number of tourists and vacationers to this location has not dwindled.

With up to 5 million visitors annually, the outdoor features of this location make it a good place to own a vacation hone. Oktoberfest, boat shows, biking trails, summer concerts are constant events that take place here and make it a thriving location.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a location famous for its musical history seeing as a lot of big record labels have set up base there and also released some of the best recording artists. Aside from its musical premise, Nashville is also a good place to own a vacation home close to the outdoors due to the fact that it is close to country living.

Country living, indicates embracing the outdoors, and thus if you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle this is the place to be. With the forest, nature parks and mountain terrain for hiking and climbing, this is a good spot for the outdoor lovers.